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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions.

This document (furthermore called the Document) is issued to set the basic rules for the use of the website owned by the Simplestlogistic company (furthermore called the Website or Site). Due to this document, the agreement between the company’s owner (furthermore called The Company) and the user of the website (furthermore called The Customer) is concluded on the following issues.

1.   Age Regulations.

The age requirements implemented to the Website are quite standard. The Customer should be of 18+ years old to use all the functions offered by the Website and its owners. In case you are younger than 18 years old, please, leave the website.

2. Third-Party Websites Links Regulations.

The Website can contain links to third-party websites, mobile apps, and other sources. The Website is not responsible for any content, information, offers, services, and other propositions which are published on these third-party sources. We do not accept any issues, complaints, offers, or any other activities by Customers which concern third-party resources published by the Website owners. All URLs the Website the Company decide to publish are published only for informational purposes only.

3. Legislation.

The Website works according to existing laws and regulations provided by the US government. We reserve the right to regulate, delete, and provide penalties in the form of ban or activity restrictions for the Users/Customers who violate the following rules and legislation restrictions.

4. Disputes.

We are always open for the Customers’ reviews, propositions, and discussion issues on the matter of our work. Thus, we claim that all the issues of the formation, interpretation, and performance of this Document should comply with up-to-the-date governmental laws. We do not take any responsibility for the issues which violate the scope of law issues accepted in the US. The Company works fully legally under the legislation of the US and its subsequent governmental institutes which are responsible for informational, consulting, and logistics processes. Any dispute between the Customer and the Company should be solved according to the US governmental requirements, state laws, and other legislated regulations. All the disputes will be conducted in the governmental space and any jury trial will be held according to the registration address of the Company.

5. Changes and Additions.

The Company reserves the right to implement changes in this Document for its purpose without obligatory notifications. All the changes provided in this Document will be indicated in this document. The Customer provides their consent with all the points and facts indicated in this Document by reading it. The information about the latest updates in the Document is indicated in the bottom of the Document.

6. Terms Acceptance.

The Customer agrees to follow all the terms and conditions provided by the Company and listed in this Document by reading the Document and entering the website. In case you agree with these Terms and Conditions, you have access to all the services and functions offered by the Company’s website. In case if you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions or any part of the Document, you are not allowed to use the website’s functions and services.

7. Contact Information.

If you have any questions concerning the Document, its content, terms, and conditions, please, contact the Company’s representatives via email indicated on the Contact page of the website. In case you have any propositions, complaints, or disputes about the terms and conditions indicated in the Document, please, contact the Company’s representatives via email indicated on the Contact page of the website.
The Document’s last update was provided on April 20, 2023.

8. Agreement for Subscription.

I, confirm my agreement to receive informational and promotional messages from SLS SIMPLEST LOGISTICS SOLUTION INC. via the following communication channels:

– Email

– SMS messages to my personal number
– Chat-bot messages in Telegram or WhatsApp
I understand that my personal information will be used exclusively for the purposes of these communications, and SLS SIMPLEST LOGISTICS SOLUTION INC. will ensure its confidentiality in accordance with applicable data protection laws.
 To unsubscribe:
– If you wish to unsubscribe from email or SMS notifications, please send us an email to: with the subject “Unsubscribe”.  
– To stop receiving messages from the chat-bots, please exit the chat and block the bot.