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Shipping Process

The Simplest Algorithm for Cargo Delivery Throughout the US

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We offer you the simplest operation in the field of logistics. Just use all the benefits provided by the company and get your cargo delivered timely if you are a customer/broker or receive the most profitable shipping orders as a logistics operator.

Truck Types We Work With.

In Simplestlogistic, you are welcome to use a diverse range of trucks for your shipping goals. The company provides transportation services by the following truck types:
  1. Cargo van 8-10 ft is a perfect solution for small or medium cargo. This truck type looks more like a traditional vehicle, as its cab and cargo area are a single piece. This type of van is good for relocation, as well as for the delivery of small consignments.
  2. Minivan 16-20 ft can ship a bigger load when needed. It is cost-saving and provides optimized cargo transportation for small businesses, e-commerce, or individuals.
  3. Sprinter vans 12-16 ft are among the most reliable cargo vans worldwide. They are mobile, spacious, safe, and fast enough to deliver any type of cargo timely within the state or your residence area.
  4. Straight truck 16-26 ft also known as U-Haul track is a must for a family move or transportation of various cargo for businesses. It is used primarily for housing supplies, furniture, home appliances, building materials, boxes, and other loads which have fewer requirements for space and transportation conditions.
  5. Temp-controlled vans 16-26 ft are what you require when you decide to ship food, beverage, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, or any temperature-sensitive cargo. We offer a diversity of vehicles with freezers, fridges, or both.

The Simplicity of Operation Is Our Philosophy.

When you need to ship something, it can look tough. Especially, if you need to transport a moderate amount of cargo. Yet, in Simplestlogistic, you can get all the services to make the shipping process simple. All you need to do is to enter the website to start your shipping successfully.
  1. Place your request on the website. Use our simple request form designed for customers/brokers. Please, enter all the required information to streamline the process.
  2. Get a quote instantly from Simplestlogistic managers.
  3. Conclude on dates and addresses to make the deal.
  4. Get your load shipped to any destination you need.
Besides the simplicity, we have a pack of other advantages you may appreciate when getting Simplestlogistic services.
  • Enjoy the dedicated agent’s work. You get an agent who is fully responsible for your cargo delivery from A to Z.
  • A wide choice of vehicles from minivans to U-Haul trucks. We can offer you the perfect match for your delivery goals.
  • Freight forward brokerage services. We can contact you with the most professional brokers to meet the highest expectation.
  • Expert drivers. Our truckers are pros who implement in their work principles of timely, secure, and highly responsible delivery of all types of loads.
  • Fast track selection. We have trucks everywhere. Even if you need to ship from distant areas, we’ll cope with the task quickly.
  • Sign-up/sign-in function. You can keep the history of your shipments in one place and get more benefits with our personalized offers.
  • Delivery status tracking. You can track your load’s transportation in real-time directly on the website.
There is no need to spend your time and effort finding the best hauliers and shipping operators. All of them are waiting for your shipping orders on Simplestlogistic!