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Your Cargo Shipping Is Safer Than Ever With Simplestlogistic

Insurance Options for All Shipments.

Safety of your items is guaranteed by Simplestlogistics! While shipping cargo, carriers, shippers, and logistics operators face multiple risks. The task of our company is to mitigate these risks and provide coverage for our customers.
As usual, when shipping a load, carriers provide liability insurance. This means the carrier you hire takes responsibility for shipment losses, damages, and delivery delays during the whole shipment process. Yet, it is not the only option to protect loads.
In Simplestlogistics, we go above and beyond to help shippers and carriers to cope with diverse challenges and risks. Thus, you can get overall consultation and help with the protection of the following issues:
  • Cargo integrity and inviolability insurance,
  • Vehicle insurance,
  • Drivers’ life and health insurance.
Simplestlogistic works with top-rated insurance companies and provides informational support on the matters of insurance selection, claims, and coverage. With us, you can be sure that your cargo will be shipped safe and sound anytime, anywhere.