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For Drivers

We Gladly Invite Fleet Owners and Truckers to Join Our Community and Earn More Together.

When you are a trucker or an owner-operator, you have no time to contact customers and hold negotiations. You are focused on your operation processes. So, you can lose profit just because you are not engaged in the industry’s peculiarities.
Let’s turn the tide! Our team is ready to help you with finding customers and taking top-dollar orders for shipping.

You Are Our Potential Partner in the Following Cases:

  • You are a fleet owner.
  • You are a trucker.
  • You are an owner-operator.
  • You want to use your private van to gain profit.

What Do We Offer?

  • Our guidance and help in the introduction to the logistics business. We support novice carriers and help experienced operators to stay afloat in the market’s fluctuations.
  • No delays or idleness! You get orders any time you are ready to complete them! We provide a streamlined process of getting orders for drivers to earn more than ever.
  • Convenient destinations. If you are working within a single area only, that’s OK! Get orders within this destination and do your job with ease.
  • High rates. We provide rates with modest commissions which allow you to earn top-dollar. Our service is designed to support truckers in their strive for scaling up.
  • Our customers’ database and brokers’ applications are fully at your service. We made truly tremendous work to collect the database of reliable, solvent customers who regularly apply for shipping services in Simplestlogistics.
  • Insurance support. Our company helps with insurance for logistics and truckers to select the best offer in the market.
  • Dedicated manager’s help. You work with a specialist who knows your workflow. You get services from a pro that works for your benefit and advocates your interests.

Why Working With Simplestlogistic Is Win-Win.

  • All types of vans are welcome to join our Simplestlogistic community.
  • Dedicated support for every trucker.
  • Great commissions for shipping.
  • Convenient destinations.
  • 10,0000+ orders and customers daily.
  • Opportunities to scale up your business.
  • Insurance coverage for each route.
Yet, deeds speak clearer than words! Just ensure that you are cooperating with the cutting-edge logistics company!
Just fill in the request form to place your carrier’s offer on Simplestlogistic

For Drivers

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